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Sky Downloader is the #1 downloader for free music, movies, torrent, live TV and more. It's home base for everything that entertains you online, providing the smartest and fastest access to millions of songs, MP3s, movies, TV shows, live channels and games. SkyDownloader combines powerful Gnutella and BitTorrent technologies with effortless live channel streaming to give you the world's best online entertainment experience with the least amount of hassle. It uses sophisticated and proprietary under-the-hood technologies to optimize and accelerate download speeds. SkyDownloader is spyware and adware free, and provides the industry's most aggressive protection to block harmful content, keeping you and your computer safe. Along with its fresh, intuitive interface, SkyDownloader includes precise categories and genres, voting tools, popularity rankings such as "Top Torrents," and other features to make it easier to find the entertainment you're looking for. It's one-click access to infinite possibilities.

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